The churches in the Orangeburg District are located in diverse communities: urban, small towns, and rural areas. However, regardless of the location, they represent a group of empowered believers engaged in their congregations and communities, and helping others to experience the fulness of Christ in all aspects of life. They seek to carry out the biblical mandate of the gospel, and the tenets of the AME Church.

Williams Chapel AMEC.jfif

Williams Chapel AME Church

 1198 Glover Street

Orangeburg, SC 29115

Founded: 1872


Emanuel AME Church

1897 Hudson Road

Cope, SC 29038

Founded: 1865

St Paul AME Church Creston.jpg

St. Paul AME Church

1987 Old #6 Hwy

Creston, SC 29030

Founded: 1876

Live Oak  .JPEG

Live Oak AME Church

9843 Old Hwy #6

Vance, SC 29163

Founded: 1890

St. John.jpg

St. John AME Church

3601 Rowesville Road

Rowesville, SC 29133

Founded: 1875

Parlerville 1.JPEG

Parlerville AME Church

416 Pinewood Drive 

Santee, SC 29142

Founded: 1893

Rock Hill3.JPEG

Rock Hill AME Church

405 Rock Hill Road

Vance, SC 29163

Founded: 1870

Shiloh AME Church Elloree.jpg

Shiloh AME Church

2902 Cleveland Street

Elloree, SC 29047

Founded: 1886


Union AME Church

390 Old River Road

Elloree, SC 29047

Founded: 1901

Mt Olive.JPEG

Mt. Olive AME Church

4630 Old State Road

Holly Hill, SC 29163


Zion AME Church Founded 1800.jpg

Zion AME Church

8305 Bowman Branch Hwy

Branchville, SC 29432

Founded: 1800

Cedar Grove22.JPEG

Cedar Grove AME Church

1731 Belleville Road

Orangeburg, SC 29155

Founded: 1900

Brown Chapel 29.JPEG

Brown Chapel AME Church

195 Brown Chapel Road

Elloree, SC 29047

Founded: 1870


Felderville AME Church

1081 Woolbright Road

Santee, SC 29142

Founded: 1891

Good Hope AME Church Cope.jfif

Good Hope AME Church

1849 Carver School Road

Cope, SC 29047

Founded: 1863;

Greater Friendship.JPEG

Greater Friendship AME Church

3669 Tee Vee Road

Santee, SC 29142

Founded: 1874


Macedonia AME Church

118 Second Street

Cope, SC 29038


Good Hope Bowman.JPEG

Good Hope AME Church

850 Reevesville Rd

Bowman, SC 29107

Founded: 1806