The mission of The African Methodist Episcopal Church is to minister to the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and environmental needs of all people by spreading Christ’s liberating gospel through word and deed.


The pastoral and para-church ministries of the Orangeburg District exist to gather people of every ethnic group, gender, age, and social status in every congregation in Christian fellowship and uplift all so that they can experience God the Father and fulfill their God given purpose.




  • Develop and participate in ministries and programs which glorify God, advance the Kingdom of God, and serve the wellbeing of fellow believers.


  • Develop a Growth and Revivalization Plan for each congregation that will engage the congregation in the ministry of nurture and discipleship.


  • Actively establish ministries, activities, and programs to evangelize, disciple, and nurture souls of all social and ethnic backgrounds.


  • Nurture and equip believers to spiritual maturity to do the work of God and provide each with the opportunity to exercise his/her gifts.


  • Nurture our children and youth; teach them our faith and history, provide wholesome social and recreational activities, and support them in their spiritual, intellectual, and emotional development.


  • Maintain the upkeep of all church facilities and grounds at the highest level and in accordance with state and municipal ordinances.


  • Carry out all mandates handed down from the African Methodist Episcopal Church.





Point One

Embrace and Follow the Bishop’s Vision and Agenda


Point Two

Church Growth and Revivalization

  • Work to stabilize, strengthen and grow each congregation

  • Work to enhance the worship experience of each congregation

  • Work to improve the financial standing of each congregation

  • Work to improve the physical plant of each congregation

  • Work to improve the system for managing the accounting of members

  • Aid congregation with budgeting and financial management

  • Establish one new congregation by 2020


Point Three

Allen University Recruitment and Development

  • Identify recruiters for Allen University in every congregation.

  • Sponsor tours to the campus of Allen University.

  • Provide scholarship assistance for deserving students


Point Four

Health and Wellness for All

  • Promote healthy living for all

  • Develop a clearinghouse for health and wellness services

  • Assist with transportation to medical facilities

  • Provide information and support for individuals preparing for retirement, including Medicare and other insurance benefits


Point Five

Community Development and Civic Relations

  • Conduct a feasibility study on addressing homelessness in Orangeburg county

  • Explore providing housing and workforce opportunities